Prenatal Education

prenatal education


prenatal series –

Facilitated by: Heather Hall

Upcoming Dates:
Sept. 14 РOct. 19  Thursdays, 7-9pm Рregister


Cost – $250 per couple

This Prenatal Series is designed to inspire expecting moms and their partners with calm and confidence, prepared with a toolkit of practical skills for the journey of labour and birth and the early days becoming a new parent. Cost includes the rental of a Babycare TENS machine for birth.

Class 1  Preparing for the Best Birth Possible

Overview of Labour and Birth
Positioning of Baby and Mom
Due Month
Ripeners and Medical Induction

Class 2 Early and Active Labour
What Makes Labour Do-able Naturally
Labour Support Tools, Tips and Techniques
Breathing, Positions, Massage, TENS, Water, Doula
Monitoring Baby and Progress of Labour
Breaking of the “Bag of Waters”, Group B Strep and the Microbiome
Pain Meds, Epidural and Caesarian Birth
Class 3 Pushing, Birth and Placenta
Positions and Breathing for Effective Pushing

Labour Support Tools, Tips and Techniques for 2nd Stage

Crowning: Avoiding Tears and Episiotomy
Cutting the Cord, Cord Blood, Birth of Placenta
Importance of Skin to Skin with Baby after birth

Class 4 Birth Plan, Immediate Postpartum
Your Customized Birth Plan, Talking to Care Providers
Optimizing mother’s Physical Recovery in the first 24 hours
Partner’s Role in the 24 hrs after birth
Best Start for Successful Feeding and bonding
Class 5 The First Week After Birth
Tips to Make a Smooth Transition
Making the Breastfeeding Nest
Getting a Good Latch, Positioning
How to Know if Baby’s Getting Enough
Mom’s Physical and Emotional Changes
Class 6 Newborn Care in the First 6 Weeks
Problem solving for Feeding Challenges
Breastpump and Feeding Aids
Best Sleep for Baby and Parents
Baby’s cues and communication
Crying, Comforting Techniques
Class 7 Newborn Care Practical Skills
Demo and Practice: “Handling” Baby Safely
Demo and Practice: Diapering, Bathing, Taking Temperature
Recognizing and responding to illness 
Activity, Out and About with Baby

Reunion Re-connect and Meet the Babies
Approximately one month after the last baby’s due date

purely prenatal – one day course

Facilitated by: Heather Hall

Upcoming Dates:
Sept. 16, 2017 – register
Oct. 14, 2017 – register
Nov. 25, 2017 – register

Cost – $140 per couple – includes the rental of a Babycare TENS Machine for birth

10am – 4pm with 45 minute lunch break

What to Expect and What to Do in the Stages of Labour:
Pre-, Early, Active, Pushing, Birth and Placenta

Natural Comfort and Coping Tips and Techniques

Partner’s Role and Skill-Building

Empowered Decision-Making for Common Medical Procedures:
Induction, Epidural and Caesarian

What to Expect and What to Do in the Hours and Days Immediately After your Baby’s Birth

newborn care workshop

Practical Skills for the First 6 Weeks

*** Please note, this class is held offsite at the West Vancouver Community Centre Garden Room, not at the Edgemont Village space ***

What to Expect: The first Days and Weeks with Your Newborn
Keys to Successfully Feeding Your Newborn & Partner’s Role
Your Baby’s Best Sleep & Tips for Parents’ Best Sleep
Cues, Crying and Comforting

Demo and Practice: Burping, Lifting, Carrying, Holding, Passing, Wrapping, Taking Temp
Demo and Practice: Diapering & Umbilical Cord Care
Demo and Practice: Relief for Gas, Tummy troubles, Colic
Demo and Practice: Bathing

Care of Eyes, Ears, Skin, Folds & Rolls, Hair, Cradle Cap, Nails, Gums, Stuffy Nose, Preventing Rashes and Skin Problems
Recognizing and Responding to: Jaundice, Thrush, Tongue Tie, Fever, Respiratory Infection
Face Time & Tummy Time

Tips for having Visitors
How, When and Where to get Help

Course fee: $120+GST Includes participant plus one support person
The course runs 10am-3pm

Upcoming Dates:
Sept. 24 – register
Oct. 22 – register
Nov. 19 – register
Dec. 10, 2017 – register